About Twyla

Twyla Eddins was playing the Piano by ear at the age of four, when her musical studies began. The Accordion was her next undertaking, followed by the Clarinet, Guitar and Organ. She pursued the Saw and later her father’s Violin in the University orchestra.

However, inspired by the luminous qualities of the Harp, she discovered a oneness with the “instrument of the angels.” She soon realized the Harp would be a permanent part of her future.

Twyla received her Bachelor of Music in Applied Performance Harp from North Texas State University, Denton (now University of North Texas). At NTSU she studied harp with Mr. Charles Kleinstuber, who learned from world renowned master harpist, Carlos Salzedo.

After playing and living in Europe for over 20 years, world renown Harpist, Twyla Eddins, brings beautiful talent to the Puget Sound region. Twyla’s work is a wonderful addition to any event. She is available to play at your parties, weddings, festivals and ceremonies.
Twyla’s talents and tenacity have led to many concerts and performances in castles and on cruise ships throughout the world. Her varied audience has given her the opportunity to touch hearts and lives from all walks of life. Twyla’s playing style creates a most soothing and relaxing atmosphere, and her varied repertoire projects a peaceful and serene mood.
Find out how you can make your event or occasion special with Twyla by calling (253) 267-5988 or by